Wilderness Awareness Initiative

A few years ago a friend was lost to the sea.  When I spoke to someone about it a note of despair echoed back, almost as a final thought.  I imagined that if I were to die I would prefer to take my leave in some positive gesture. So I decided to take the opportunity to carry concern for loss into some substantial motivation. I founded a project called the Wilderness Awareness Initiative.   Its aim was to enhance opportunities for not only learning to survive in the wilderness, but also thrive by becoming more knowledgeable about local environmental issues. In order to fund this effort I collaborated with another artist, Windweaver, and we created a number of art pieces with the intent to allocate the proceeds toward efforts that promote this unity between people and nature.  It was not until I had learned about a proposal by another organization, Clayoquot Action, that I decided to donate the major portion of the funding directly to one of their causes. In doing so I feel that the original focus toward the spirit of our late community member has now found its stronger voice through the recent completion of a social project.
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Wild Salmon Delegation to Norway from Clayoquot Action on Vimeo.


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