Opioid Crisis LP

Debut album, seven tracks in the techno genre initially composed in a secret remote location.  Less emphasis on complexity with greater focus on sound design.  Many of the instruments were built from the ground up, including software synthesis design in Reaktor.

All tracks have been arranged in a seamless mix on soundcloud.  The album itself is available for free download in high quality on bandcamp, with any donations going directly to InnerChange Foundation.

"The InnerChange Foundation is working to ensure that senior decision makers know where British Columbians are coming from on a range of topics related to fentanyl and harms from other drugs.  Decision-makers need information in order to respond.  And this is particularly true if the best solutions may be outside of the toolkit of typical responses.  And so, we are partnering with the Mustel Group, a well-respected British Columbia polling firm.  Together we are taking the pulse of British Columbians, to gauge their attitudes and priorities for addressing the harms of addiction.  This includes harms from  drugs with, or potentially laced with, fentanyl.  The thoughts and beliefs of British Columbians matter to decision-makers.  A poll which represents their views aggregated together can be particularly powerful.  Recently we launched this poll to obtain these views, and hope to publish these shortly.  With this information, we will connect with key decision-makers, with the aim of paving the way to new solutions for this devastating crisis."


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